2 Adult Races

// Per Person!

An Adrenaline Rush Fueled by 40+ MPH Unrestricted Karts

  • Drivers will cruise our indoor bi-level track in Sodi karts, equipped with 9 HP, gas powered Honda engines. Operators must present a government issued photo ID. Those under 18 possessing a driver's license or permit, are also able to operate these karts. A minor's parent must sign our waiver on their behalf, authorizing them to participate. See details on our Junior Karting page.
  • All the gear you'll need to jump behind the wheel is provided. This includes a helmet, neckbrace and an optional racing suit. We sell/rent balaclavas and shoes. Wearing your own helmet and closed toed shoes will save you a few dollars.
  • We sell speed here so adrenaline is the ONLY buzz we accept. Anyone suspected of consuming drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to race.
  • While rubbing might be considered racing, unnecessary roughness and hard wall contact will not be tolerated. Please respect our karts and others.


Arrive & Drive racing is $22 per 8 min race

There's an additional $2 fee for a balaclava, you wear under our helmets. You're welcome to bring your own regulation helmet but it must have a hard jaw and eye protection.

Closed toed shoes are required to be worn. Should you arrive in some other type of footwear, we offer rental shoes for $2.

*There are no other additional hidden fees, day licenses or automatic memberships required to race. We do however, offer yearly memberships if you'd like to join our ever-growing racing community.

Driver Requirements

  • 18 years old or have a license or permit to be able to drive the 9hp karts.
  • All drivers under 18 need a parent waiver signed in order to drive
  • All racers will need an ID and close toed shoes.

// At this time, reservations can only be made for adult kart racing. For junior races, call Fastimes at 317-566-0066

    What do I get?

  • 2 Races

Schedule (45m)


15 minutes prior to racing


Safety Instructions + Gear Up!




Why Fastimes Indoor Karting?

  • Arrive & Drive Racing
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